SoundCrowd is the Royal Academy of Music’s official crowdfunding platform.

It is for students or Fellows who are passionate about making great things happen at the Academy. We’re proud to be the first UK conservatoire to have a dedicated crowdfunding website.

Soundcrowd starts when a student creates a project aligned with the mission of the Academy. A committee of senior staff reviews all projects for suitability based on the stated goals of the project, the extent to which the project complements the aims of the Academy and the level of organisation and commitment demonstrated by the teams. All projects must have a staff referee as part of a rigorous due-diligence process.

What kinds of crowdfunding projects are suitable for SoundCrowd?

Projects must be music- or education-related and must fit within the Academy’s stated goals. Students may not use the platform to fundraise for student fees, day-to-day living costs or instruments for personal rather than Academy use.

Here are the types of projects SoundCrowd can help with:

  • An innovative concert, involving curation, promotion or working with a venue
  • Commissioning a new work for you to premiere
  • A scheme working with young people, health, or within the community using your musical skills
  • Starting a festival
  • Making a commercial recording
  • A special project collaborating with other musicians, visual artists, writers or dancers, leading to a specific outcome
  • Funding to travel somewhere to make something special happen
  • A combination of all of the above.

What about other funding sources?

Project leaders are welcome to explore further funding options for projects, particularly when the project is especially ambitious or requires a partnership with another organization. We encourage students to include other funding sources in their proposal.

For more information, visit the Academy website (