3 Historic Organs from Lisbon

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Album recording - new music for 3 Historic Organs from Lisbon


"3 Historic Organs from Lisbon" is a special project for me. When I recorded my second monographic album - "O que será do rio", works for Baroque Orchestra - I was fascinated by working with André Ferreira on "Alcippe", a piece that includes a small organ solo. Immediately, I had the feeling that I should write more pieces for solo organ because it brought me an affinity with that sound. So, André asked me: "why don't you write for our Historic Organs? It is something especially rare, and with contemporary music it is 100% unique". I read about this type of organ and heard some recordings, and I was fascinated by the sound of these old instruments and by the 'object' itself that has crossed two centuries until it came to us. It is, somehow, a time machine experience, and it's awesome!

This album will be my third monographic work, after "Mesmo que faça frio" (Tangente, 2016), and "O que será do rio" (mpmp, 2019).

We will be pleased to receive your support to this idea that combines new music with our cultural heritage!

Thank you so much!

project INFO

This project consists in a monographic album recording with three new pieces for solo Organ. Each piece will be recorded in a different Historic Organ from Lisbon.

Fortunately, Lisbon is a city with a few of these beautiful instruments from the eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Some of them are in a perfect condition and being used regularly, but others need some refurbishment works and they are, at this moment, inoperable.

For this project I’m considering to use three organs that are a reference in the history of the Portuguese capital city:

  • Igreja de São Vicente de Fora - one of the most well known organs in Europe, from 1765;
  • Basílica da Estrela - a beautiful instrument from 1791, in this quite important Lisbon cathedral;
  • Igreja Matriz de Oeiras - a more recent organ but still a beautiful example of this peculiar instrument, from 1829.

[The use of these three organs will depend, of course, on the conditions of each at the moment of the composition/recording session. A small tuning work is expected before each recording session.]

For this lovely adventure I invite three amazing musicians: André Ferreira, James Orford (Postgraduate student at RAM), and Sérgio Silva. Each organist will record one piece.

This album will be released by the Portuguese mpmp label.


Nuno da Rocha, composer, PhD. student at Royal Academy of Music.

André Ferreira, organist

James Orford, organist, Postgraduate student at Royal Academy of Music

Sérgio Silva, organist

mpmp label


  • composition process: December 2019 - August 2020;
  • recording sessions: September - November 2020;
  • album release: November 2020 - February 2021.

Where will the money go?

  • organists: £2.250 (£750 each);
  • travel and accommodation costs (James Orford, London * Lisbon): £250;
  • recording sessions (audio engineer): £1.500;
  • organs tuning: £1.700;
  • general costs (CD printing, etc.): £750.


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