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An immersive, textile and sonic installation creating communities around ove

Other Side of the Wall

Other Side of the Wall is an interactive space we’re hoping, with your help, to be premiered at the  Royal Academy of Music for the Summer of 2020. The work will explore the beauty of our shared everyday. By magnifying our everyday tasks, from the washing up to our morning commute to the ambient sounds of our neighbourhoods, we hope to bridge the divides which isolate us.

The final product will be a room-sized installation consisting of strung textiles, immersive audio (including a work written for the Brompton Quartet), and interactive electronics. Participants will explore the space using their phones, and everyday technology we take for granted, revealing audio submitted by you and discovering the world of beauty contained within our everyday.

Over the next 2 months, we invite you into our creative practice as we finalize our designs and test our technology. You'll see firsthand how artists create works, from the imaginative design stages through trial and error testing to the practical craftsmanship of production. You'll be treated to behind-the-scenes pictures, videos, updates, blogs, and podcasts, bringing you into every aspect of the process.


Technology expands human capabilities. Yet, as technology evolves to our needs, so too do we adapt to technology. This dynamic between human and artifice is at the heart of Subpatch’s work. By employing gesture capture devices to extend human expressivity into digital domains, Subpatch create multimedia experiences encompassing the range of human experience, from reflective and universal to light and absurd.

Subpatch have performed their works in both the UK, at the AMOK Festival in York and at the Brunel Museum in London, and the United States, in the VU Symposium in Park City. Subpatch was founded in 2018 by Jared Bennett, Lazar Liebenberg, and Jon Paul Mayse.

Why Other Side?

We are often overwhelmed, sometimes hypnotized, by the onslaught of everyday tasks which take us from the things we truly love. We often feel left behind in drudgery. However, there is a beauty in these things, in the trivium which we all bear. Regardless of our background, of our person, of our situations, we all must wash the dishes. There is a community, a shared set of experiences, in our daily tedium.

We hope to build a room-sized installation, inhabited by sounds, submitted by you, taken from your everyday. These sounds might be so mundane you have never stopped to listen, or encapsulate a ritual or activity you draw solace from. They will then be curated and used as the grounding to the soundscape within the room. The soundscape will be malleable and interactive, explorable by the audience both through their phones and their physical interactions with the space. 

Subpatch's first work re-contextualized Rock-Paper-Scissors as a positive exploration of nostalgia for childhood. Subsequent works have utilized technology to create novel interactions with everyday technology and between people. This installation is a continuation of our desire to explore how we relate to ourselves, each other, and technology.

Where will the money go?

We are hoping to raise £2000 over the next two months. The SoundCrowd funds will place us in a strong enough financial position to seek further grants to finish the project.

Minimum £2000

  • £200 for Thread
  • £100 for Construction Materials (Wood, Rods)
  • £700 for Electronics
  • £1000 Fee for Brompton Quartet

Total: £2000

The initial funding will allow us to create the prototypes and initial construction of the installation. It will also allow us to secure the Brompton Quartet for recordings to be used in the installation and live performances within the installation space.

Final Budget £3000

  • £300 for Thread
  • £200 for Construction Materials
  • £1000 for Electronics
  • £1000 for Brompton Quartet
  • £500 for marketing

Total: £3000

After SoundCrowd is finished, we will seek £1000 more in grants and private funding before the exhibition. This will allow us to finish construction of all four panels and to market the experience, so as to create a larger impact and foster a larger community.


We are excited to offer rewards ranging from (((early entry to our submission portal))) to personalized miniature versions of the installation and dedications on the work itself.

Images and video

Some Images of the designs thus far:

Layout in the space: 

Initial Construction Designs

Tests for String Arrangements

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